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What is Teleconsulting?

Teleconsulting is the practice of a veterinarian gaining insight and advice on the care of a patient  from a specialist.  This is achieved by utilizing tools associated with telehealth (in this case, electronic submission) to share case information and diagnostics with the specialist.  

We are pleased to offer teleconsulting services for echocardiograms performed by your sonographer in the comfort of your practice.  Each written report includes image interpretation by a board-certified cardiologist, and recommendations, and is sent directly to your practice. 


Teleconsulting vs. Telemedicine

While teleconsulting and telemedicine are both subcategories of telehealth, the AVMA defines the difference between the two according to which parties are involved in the communication:

Telemedicine is a relationship between a veterinarian and a pet owner, involving the use of a tool to electronically exchange medical information to improve a patient's clinical health status. Telemedicine is a tool of practice, not a separate discipline within the veterinary profession. With few exceptions, telemedicine may only be conducted within an existing Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR).

Teleconsulting is performed between a veterinarian and a consulting specialist.  Utilizing electronic submission of case information and diagnostic testing results, the veterinarian may seek a specialist's insight and advice to enhance the care of their patient.  Teleconsultation does not require the specialist consultant to have a VCPR; however, a VCPR is required for the veterinarian requesting specialty advice. 

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